School-Based Telehealth

BRTA works with Northumberland and Westmoreland County Public Schools to bring healthcare services directly into schools giving students in these rural areas greater access to healthcare. The school-based health services focus on improving access to care, plus behavioral health.

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Telehealth Etiquette Tips

Telehealth Etiquette Tips sponsored by Bay Rivers Telehealth Alliance

Presented by:
Christy Helsel, RN
Telehealth Program Director, Riverside Health System

Practice Administrator , Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center

This educational video was funded through a grant by the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Health Equity through MOA Number: 557V632596

What is Telemedicine?

Ever hear the terms telemedicine or telehealth and wonder what they mean? Using state of the art video technology, telemedicine transforms the way you can receive health care by connecting you directly to your health care provider no matter where you are. At home, in the office, or far away on vacation, telemedicine saves money and time by bringing health care and health coaching directly to you.