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The focus of the Bridges to Mental and Behavioral Health project is to improve and expand Telehealth activities that will lead to the successful use of Telehealth for the provision of mental health to individuals in rural nursing homes, mental health clinics, and hospitals, by linking them to distant specialists. This project targets older adults; over 45, who have been diagnosed with mental/behavioral health disorders, dementia, depression, anxiety, delirium and other cognitive and neurological disorders. The project also includes continuing medical education for health care providers and caregivers using video-teleconferencing and focusing on mental health.

The Goals of the Telehealth Network Grant utilizes Telehealth networks to improve healthcare services, and expand access to the quality of mental health care services to the elderly; improve and expand the training of mental health care providers for the elderly; and expand and improve the quality of health information available to mental health care providers, patients, and their families. We are working to improve the management of mental health diseases/disorders in older adults by providing higher levels of care, through collaborating with distant psychiatrists, mental health counselors and educators, and geriatricians who provide consultations for patients and local providers. The project also provides Continuing Medical Education to providers to enhance their capacity to care for those with mental health illness.

Bay Rivers Telehealth Alliance (BRTA) is pleased to announce a grant award of nearly a quarter of a million dollars from the Health Resources and Services Administration Office for the Advancement of Telehealth. This grant, with collaboration from partners, will establish a number of new telehealth sites to support expanded mental, behavioral, and geriatric patient care throughout the Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula, and Eastern Shore, from medical specialists located in Hampton Roads and Richmond.More Link